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Ads on the website of the Danish Club

We distinguish between two kinds of ads

  • Sponsor Ads on the main page
    Sponsor Ads on page 2 (Arrangementer)
  • Other Ads

Sponsor Ads 
A sponsor ad is 150€ on the main page and 100€ on page 2 per year - but only 100€/ 75€ for members of the Danish Club.

Other Ads 
These ads are 50€ per year - but are free for members of the Danish Club.

The difference between the 2 types of ads is that sponsors get a logo (with links) at a prominent place and a priority on the ad page.

Other Ads do not have a logo with link. To find these ads, you have to use the website’s menu system.

This is how it works:

Sponsor Ads:
On the first page of the website (Startside) in the red borders on both sides sponsor-ads have a logo with a link.

This picture may contain logo, phone number, etc., according to the advertiser's wish.

When you click on the picture you can choose

  • to be brought directly to the advertiser's website
  • or to be brought to an ad page on the Danish club's website, from which there can be a link to the advertiser’s  website, if any.

On the ad-page the space allocated is a printed ½ A4 page, where the advertiser can put text and photos, contact information and a link to your own website if any as you wish.(Example)

Other ads:
These ads are different from sponsor-ads by not having a logo with a link.

To find these ads, you must use the website’s menu system , (Info - Annoncer) then you get   an Index page, where all advertisers are listed by line of trade.

This page makes it possible for the user straight away to click into the line of trade you want. They are listed in alfabethic orden - and by clicking on one you will be brought to the ad page of the sponsor.